Hello and welcome, my name is Roberto De Rosa. I was born in Tivoli, a province of Rome, Italy in 1986. This is my website in which I created to showcase my passion that eventually became my work as a setter of precious stones.






I enjoy creating beautiful pieces combining elements of different shapes, sizes and materials. I have had the opportunity to participate in the making of original, one of a kind jewelry. Each piece fascinating and unique on its own. I have been working with a microscope for over a decade and I believe this technique is the most precise and produces the best results.


Types of Precious Stones:
Amethyst - Aquamarine - Emeralds - Sapphires - Rubies - Tanzanite - Garnet - Tourmaline - Chalcedony - Topaz - Peridot - Lapis Lazuli - Opal - Turquoise - Jade - Onyx - Cameo

Types of metals:
Gold - Stirling Silver - Platinum - Titanium


I am qualified to work with very high quality jewelry. I use a laboratory equipped with the most innovative technologies. I perform all types of settings available from traditional to pave set, four, six or multiple prong, full bezel, flush set, millegrained pave, channel set, micro pave etc.



Chi sono


Note: For matters of privacy I am not able to post certain photos on this website. If you'd like to see them, I can show you personally or by other means of communication. Please contact me below.



Roberto De Rosa

Who am I:

Always searching for new techniques to improve service, I mostly focus on the high quality completion of any product to satisfy the request of every client. The use of traditional techniques accompanied by innovative equipment allow me to produce a product of superior quality in every detail. I started my career as a stone setter at the age of fifteen years old. It quickly became a passion for me and I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn dedication and discipline for the practice from my father who has been in the business for many years. As a family, we have participated and took part in jewelry expositions throughout Europe. In 2006, I assisted in creating a jewelry line for our business in which we named De Rosa Gioielli. Apart from our line of jewelry, we focus our stone setting for very well respected clients located in Rome, assisting in the creation of high class jewelry. I have worked as a stone setter with the very best that Rome has to offer and I am ready to take on the rest of the world and showcase my skills. Below you will find a link to the website De Rosa Gioielli, the jewelry line in which I assisted to create. Here you can find photos and video..



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